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DFIA Scheme

Duty Free Import Authorisation scheme (DFIA SCHEME)

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    Duty Free Import Authorisation (DFIA) Scheme

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      What is DFIA Scheme?

      Duty Free Import Authorisation (DFIA) Scheme come s in to picture when inputs/raw materials are to be imported for manufacture of products which are to be exported. Under DFIA Scheme, duty free import of inputs that include fuel, oil, energy sources, catalysts, etc. which are required for the production of export goods is allowed.

      Eligibility Criteria for obtaining Duty Free Import Authorisation (DFIA) License under DFIA Scheme:

      The DFIA License is issued on post export basis for only those products where standard Input-Output (SION) Norms are already notified.

      Both Manufacturer exporter and Merchant exporter are eligible to apply for DFIA License.

      The applicant has to apply for an application to concerned DGFT RA before starting to export under duty-free import Authorisation.

      DFIA License cannot be issued for products mentioned in Appendix- 4J like Tea, Spices, Coconut oil, precious metals Platinum/ Gold/ Silver, etc.

      The minimum value addition required to be achieved is 20% for DFIA License.

      Benefits of obtaining a DFIA License under DFIA Scheme:

      Duty Exemption

      The DFIA License shall be issued with actual user condition and shall be exempted from payment of basic customs duty, additional customs duty or Excise duty, education cess, antidumping duty and safeguard duty, if any.

      Export Obligation

      DFIA license is popular with exporters who export first, obtain Authorisation and then sell it freely to other importers

      Duty Exemption

      CENVAT credit facility is available for raw materials either imported or procured.

      How will we help you getting a DFIA License ?

      We analyze and verify your eligibility for DFIA Scheme   
      Documentation and Submission
      We help you in preparing the requisite documentation and submit the same with DGFT.
      We execute regular follow-ups with the DGFT to expedite the licensing process. Additionally, we draft replies against deficiencies raised by the DGFT concerning your DFIA License application.
      We help you sell/monetize your DGFT License by outright purchase.
      Frequently Asked Questions

      All you need to know before applying for DFIA Scheme:

      Under Duty free import Authorisation scheme DFIA license is issued by DGFT in which basic customs duty is exempted on the import of inputs required to obtain the export products. And it is issued for the export products for which SION are notified by DGFT.

      DFIA scheme allows duty-free Import of inputs, fuel, oil, catalyst, energy sources for obtaining export products.

      DFIA License:

      • Duty Free Import Authorization
      • It is issued for inputs from exemption of only basic customs duty
      • It is granted after completion of export obligation.
      • The Validity period is 12 months from date of issue
      • DFIA is transferable and can be sold.

      Advance Authorisation:

      • It is issued for inputs at zero duty
      • Minimum Value addition is 15%
      • Issued before  export obligation completion
      • Validity is 18 months from date of issue of license
      • AA is subject to actual user condition & is non-transferable.

      The applicant needs to apply for an online application with relevant documents. We have an expert team, who can help you to file online application and help you to get transferable DFIA license from DGFT RA.

      Yes, inputs can be procured indigenously under DFIA license against ARO (Advance Release Order)/Invalidation Letter.

      Export obligation shall be fulfilled by exporter under DFIA license. Export Obligation under DFIA scheme is in terms of Value addition and in terms of Quantity. All these data are mentioned in the license.

      Transferability of DFIA License means the transfer of license or imported inputs except fuel after completion of export obligation, request for transferability is to be made before concerned RA of DGFT.

      Applicants are required to submit a declaration for technical characteristics, quality and specifications in shipping bills. DGFT RA mentions all the above details in authorisation, Sensitive items include – alloy steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, solvent , perfume, chemicals, etc.

      Under DFIA scheme government fee is 0.1% of the Duty saved value with a minimum fee of Rs. 500/-

      It takes 20 – 25 working days to get DFIA License issued from DGFT.

      Registration of License issued from DGFT under DFIA scheme should be done in customs for the verification purpose, DFIA license shall be issued for any one of Sea port or airport. Post registration, all the imports against said authorization shall be made only through that port.

      Yes, It is mandatory to register DFIA license at Customs.

      Yes, DFIA license is transferable in nature.

      Yes, we can sell the license as it is transferable in nature.

      Yes, We do help in selling of DFIA license and follow the transparent procedure of sale.

      DFIA license is valid for 12 months from date of issue of license.

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