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Star Export House Status Certificate

Star Export House Status Certificate

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      What is a Star Export House Certificate?

      The Export House Certification Program, also known as the Export House Scheme, is a certification program administered by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in India. As a part of this scheme, the DGFT certifies exporters as “Status Holders” so as to provide recognition to such exporter firms as business leaders who have excelled in international trade and have successfully contributed to country’s foreign trade.

      The certified export houses enjoy several benefits, including priority in allocation of government incentives, assistance in obtaining various export-related licenses, facilitation for participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, access to trade promotion services, and other promotional advantages provided by the government.

      Who are Eligible to apply for Star Export House Certificate?

      All exporters of goods, service and technology are eligible for the Star Export House Certification, if they meet the criteria set by the DGFT, which include:

      Valid IEC:

      All exporters of goods, services and technology are eligible having a valid IEC Code are eligible for recognition as a status holder based on export performance.

      Threshold Export Performance:

      The exporters should meet the threshold export performance required for the corresponding status in the current and the previous three financial years. However, for the Gems and Jewellery Sector the threshold export performance should be achieved in the current and preceding two financial years. The export performance shall be counted on the basis of FOB value of export earnings in freely convertible foreign currency. However, for deemed exports, FOR value of exports in INR will be counted which will thereby be converted to USD at the exchange rate notified by CBIC.

      Export Performance in Preceding Three FY:

      The exporters should have export performance in preceding three financial years (preceding two financial years for exports of Gems and Jewellery)

      Threshold export performance for corresponding Status Categories

      Star Export Status House Certificate

      Privileges of Star Export House Certification

      Priority Customs Clearance

      Customs clearance for both import and export on Self-declaration basis.

      Expedited SION Norms Fixation

      SION Norms will be fixed on priority within 60 days by the Norms Committee, Delhi as per the special scheme for specified status holders.

      Bank Guarantee Exemption

      Exemption from furnishing of Bank Guarantees for any export incentive schemes under Foreign Trade Policy

      Exemption from compulsory Negotiation through Banks

      Exemption from compulsory negotiation of documents through Banks

      Establishment of Export Warehouses

      Permission to establish export warehouses as per Department of Revenue Guidelines for two star and above status holders.

      Preferential Treatment

      The consignments of status holders will be handled on preferential basis and priority by the concerned agencies

      Self-Generation of Certificate of Origin

      Manufacturer exporters who are Three-star/Four-star/Five-star status holders can self-certify that their manufactured goods are originating from India with a view to qualify for preferential treatment under different preferential trading agreements (PTA), Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreements (CECA) and Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPA).

      Export of Products on free-of-cost basis

      Status holders can export freely exportable items (except Gems and Jewellery) on free of cost basis for export promotion subject to an annual limit of Rupees One Crore or 2% of average annual export realization during preceding three licensing years, whichever is lower. Kindly note that such free of cost supplies shall not be entitled to Duty Drawback or any other export incentive under any export promotion scheme.

      Facility of Double weightage

      The facility of double weightage shall be provided to one star export houses only. The export performance of certain eligible exporters will be counted twice making them eligible for one star export house status.

      For Example: ABC Steels Limited is a MSME company in the business of stainless-steel export. The export performance of ABC Steels Limited is USD 1.5 Million in the current and the previous three financial years. If the company applies for a status house certificate; then its export performance will be given a double weightage and counted twice as USD 1.5 Million x 2 i.e. USD 3.0 Million making it eligible for One Star Export House Certificate.

      Below are the eligible categories for Double Weightage:

      Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) as defined in Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act 2006

      Manufacturing units having ISO/BIS

      Units located in North-eastern States including Sikkim and Jammu & Kashmir

      Units located in Agri Export Zones

      Export of fruits and vegetables falling under Chapters 7 and 8 of ITC HS

      Units located in North-eastern States including Sikkim and Jammu & Kashmir

      Documents Required for Private Limited Company Registration:


      Valid IEC and RCMC

      Certificate of Exports

      Certificate of Exports where Double Weightage has been claimed (Applicable only if the application is for One Star Export House) in Format A

      Certificate of FEE

      Certificate of Foreign Exchange Earned (FEE) by Supply of Service in Format B. Certificate of FOR value of Deemed Exports in Format C

      Record of Exports

      Exports from SEZs / EOUs / EHTPs / STPs / BTPs units which are included in IEC and is taken for calculation of grant of status in Format D

      Necessary Annexures

      Annexure to ANF-3C

      Procedure for Application of Star Export House Certificate

      Step 1
      • Check the pre-requisites of application before applying that include Valid Login Credentials to DGFT Portal, User should have an active Importer Exporter Code (IEC), User should have Export Performance data in IEC profile, Active Firm’s Bank account.
      Step 2
      • Fill-up the application form ANF-3C and submit the DGFT Regional authority on
      • Kindly note that there is no application fee to be paid for the issuance of status house certificate
      Step 3
      • After submission, the application will be processed by the DGFT and deficiencies will be notified

      Step 4
      • Clear the deficiencies by drafting a reply with the supporting documents and details.

      Step 5
      • After clearing the deficiencies, the regional authority will approve the application thereby granting the Status House Certificate to the applicant.

      Day 1-2:
      • Review of documents and information provided
      • Application for Digital Signature Certificate
      Day 7 – 9:
      • Name reservation application under SPICe
      • Filing company registration application
      • DIN allotment application
      • Application for PAN and TAN of company
      Day 3-6:
      • Checking Name availability
      • Drafting of MoA, AoA & other required documents
      Day 10-12
      • Government processing time

      How will we help?


      We help with all the documentation for application of Star Export House Certificate including collecting KYC documents from the client, filing up the requisite forms (ANF-3C, Format A, B, C), obtaining CA Certificate, making the export performance statement, etc.


      After producing the requisite documents, we submit the application with DGFT and maintain regular follow-ups with the DGFT Regional Authority (RA) to expedite the process

      Clearing Deficiency

      We clear the deficiency by drafting replies and submitting the supporting documents and details with the DGFT Regional Authority (RA).

      Obtaining Certificate

      After the deficiency is cleared, we follow-up with the officer concerned to get the Star Export House Certificate.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      All you need to know before applying for Star Export House Certificate

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