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Export Import registration


GST stands for Goods and Service tax and is the biggest tax reforms that merges all other taxes in to one single tax structure. All the businesses dealing in goods whose turnover exceeds INR 40 Lakhs whereas the businesses dealing in services whose turnover exceeds 20 lakhs are to be GST registered

MSME Registration / Udyam Registration / Udyog Aadhar

MSME stands for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. The Union Govt has launched several benefits for companies categorized under Micro, Small and Medium categories and have obtained Udyam Registration.

shop and establishment registration

Shop and Establishment registration is a state-based registration that acts as a legal permission that allows people to do business in a particular place. If any business entity has a physical shop or office, it is essential to obtain a shop & establishment license.

startup india registration

“Startup India” is a flagship scheme launched by the Government of India with a purpose of building a strong ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in India.

Export Import Licensing

Import Export Code (IEC) Registration

Import Export Code is one of th emost important pre-requisites of starting an import export business in India. Its a PAN based 10 digit number required by anyone looking to kickstart export and import business in India

Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a secure digital key issued by certifying authorities required for applying for various export incentives from both Customs and DGFT.

Import Monitoring System

Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS) Registration

Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS) Registration is a compulsory requirement for importing iron & steel products in India. The purpose of SIMS is accountability of the quantitative information about steel imports entering into the country.

Coal Import Monitoring System (CIMS) Registration

Coal Import Monitoring System (CIMS) Registration is a compulsory requirement for importing coal in India. CIMS not only helps in collection of the data regarding import of Coal but also helps in analysis of the data thereby streamlining the process of policy making.

Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS) Registration

Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS) registration is a mandatory requirement for importing Paper and Paper Products. The objective of this system is to  gather comprehensive data regarding the imports of these items.

Copper Import Monitoring System (NFMIMS) Registration

Copper Import Monitoring System (NFMIMS) is a mandatory requirement for importing Copper in India. This system helps in collecting data regarding import of Copper and analyzing the same for policy formulation.

Chip Import Monitoring System (CHIMS) Registration

Chip Import Monitoring System (CHIMS) registration is a compulsory requirement for Importing Electrical and Electronic items like chips, micro-processors and micro-controllers in India.

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