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Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme ( EPCG )


EPCG Scheme is introduced by incentivise export and serve to benefit companies operating in notified industry verticals. The incentive of this scheme is waiver of import duty on products imported in return for performance or discharge of an export requirement/obligation to the tune of several times the import duty saved within a preset time.

EPCG Scheme Objective:

To enhance export competitiveness by offsetting high freight cost and other externalities to international markets.


EPCG scheme permits import of capital goods including machinery, processing equipment, etc. for pre-production, production and post production at 0% Customs duty (this includes CKD / SKD as well as computer software systems). Additionally, the exports made under the following category can be counted towards fulfilment of export obligation imposed on EPCG Licence.


Manufacturer(s)/exporter(s) with or without supporting manufacturer(s)/vendor(s), and merchant exporters tied to supporting manufacturer(s) and service providers within following sectors: Basic chemicals & pharmaceuticals Apparels & textiles Engineering & electronic products Handicrafts Plastics Leather & leather products Chemicals & allied products

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