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Star Export House Certification


Star export house is an Indian exporter who has excelled in international trade and successfully achieved certain minimum amount of export performance in two out of three financial years. To obtain star export house status, the exporter involved in export of goods or service must have a valid import export code (IE Code).


To encourage Indian exporters by offering benefits that will help them bring operational efficiency and cost benefits to their business thereby increasing their competitiveness globally.


A star export house is eligible for following benefits:

– Licence/certificate/permissions and Customs clearances for both imports and exports on self-declaration basis – Fixation of Input-Output norms on priority within 60 days

– Exemption from compulsory negotiation of documents through banks. The remittance, however, would continue to be received through banking channels

– 100% retention of foreign exchange in EEFC account

– Enhancement in normal repatriation period from 180 days to 360 days

– Entitlement for consideration under the Target Plus Scheme

– Exemption from furnishing of Bank Guarantee in Schemes under this policy


Merchant as well as Manufacturer Exporters, Service Providers, Export Oriented Units (EOUs) and Units located in Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Agri Export Zone (AEZ’s), Electronic Hardware Technology Parks (EHTPs), Software Technology Parks (STPs) and Bio Technology Parks (BTPs) shall be eligible for applying for status as Star Export Houses. The companies are categorised depending on its total FOB/FOR export performance during the current and previous three years:

1. One Star Export House – 15 crore

2. Two Star Export House – 100 crore

3. Three Star Export House – 500 crore

4. Four Star Export House – 1500 crore

5. Five Star Export House – 5000 crore

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