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EPR E-Waste Registration made compulsory

EPR E-Waste Registration made compulsory

The rules effective from 1st April, 2023 have superseded the E-Waste (M) Rules 2016. The E-Waste (M) Rules, 2022 aims to take all steps required to ensure the management of E-Waste in a scientific and Environmentally Sound Manner (ESM). 

Rule 4 stipulates the registration of entities such as Producers, Manufacturers, Recyclers & Refurbishers of E-Waste at the online EPR E-Waste Portal developed for the management of E-Waste. The rules also stipulate these entities not to carry out any business without registration and also not deal with any unregistered manufacturers, producers, recyclers and refurbishers.

In compliance to the said rules, an online portal for the management of E-Waste has been developed in accordance with the provision of E-Waste (M) Rules, 2022. All the concerned entities i.e. Producers, Manufacturers, Recyclers and Refurbishers of E-Waste are hereby requested to get themselves registered at the EPR Online Portal by 31st December, 2023.


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