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DGFT implements enhanced e-BRC system for self-certification

DGFT implements enhanced e-BRC system for self-certification

Launch of the revamped e-BRC system is proposed with effect from 15th November 2023. Starting from given date, each bank will set its cut-off date based on their readiness after completing User Acceptance Testing (UAT). IRMs dated on or after this bank-specific cut-off date will be sent to DGFT for exporters’ self-certification. For IRMs generated before this date, banks will generate e-BRCs and submit them to DGFT, as per the legacy e-BRC process. Both the upgraded and legacy e-BRC systems will operate simultaneously until all banks transition to the upgraded e-BRC system. The DGFT Website will host the list of banks with their respective IRM cut-off dates for reference of all stakeholders.

The enhanced e-BRC system shall enable exporters to reduce transaction time and costs. It would also ease the burden on bankers by simplifying the reconciliation of IRMs with shipping bills, SOFTEX, invoices, etc. and promote ease of doing business in general. A summary of the revamped e-BRC system workflow is as follows – 

  • Banks receiving Export Remittances will push the IRM message to the DGFT IT system electronically.
  • Banks shall push the IRMs pertaining to the Trade Account only and not the IRMs pertain to Capital Account etc. i.e., remittances pertaining to Goods or Services Exports.
  • IRM details will be accessible to the relevant IEC holder. Since IECs are linked to PAN, only the concerned IEC holder will have visibility to their IRM.
  • Exporter will create e-BRCs by matching IRM with relevant shipping bills, SOFTEX, or invoice details. Multiple IRMs may be grouped under one e-BRC, or one IRM can be split amongst several e-BRCs.
  • e-BRCs can be generated for Goods Exports, Services Exports, Deemed Exports.
  • The RBI Purpose Code and other fields mentioned in the IRM shall be used to validate the e-BRC fields being certified by the Exporter.
  • Banks will have access to all e-BRCs created from the IRMs they input. Banks would have the option to flag any e-BRC for further examination or request input from the exporter concerned.

Self-Certification for Exporters: it is a commitment of this directorate to facilitate exports and imports, with a focus on efficient, transparent, and accountable delivery systems. To further improve trade facilitation for exporters, this directorate has implemented an enhanced electronic Bank Realisation Certificate (e-BRC) system. This more streamlined process is based on electronic Inward Remittance Messages (IRMs) to be transmitted directly by banks to DGFT. Based on the IRMs received, the exporters shall self-certify their e-BRCs.


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