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Norms Fixation and review of Norms of advance authorization by Norms Committee (NC-7) from new online Norms Fixation IT module.

  • Introduction: The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has recently implemented an online system for the fixation and review of norms by the Norms Committee (NC-7). In this blog post, we will explore the key details of this new online system and its implications for applicants.
  • Online Norms Fixation Process:

To apply for Norms Fixation or Review of Norms from NC-7, all the applicants must use the online platform available on the official DGFT website )

  • Submitting Applications:

Applicants are now required to submit their Norms Fixation or Review of Norms applications exclusively through the online portal provided above.

  • Accessing Help and Guidance:

For assistance and guidance on the new online process, applicants can refer to the Help manual and FAQs section available on the DGFT website.

  • No Hard Copy/Email Submissions:

Effective immediately, the NC-7 will no longer accept hard copy or email applications.



By utilizing the new online portal, applicants can conveniently submit their Norms Fixation or Review of Norms applications.


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