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DGFT implements Melon Seeds Import Monitoring System

DGFT implements Melon Seeds Import Monitoring System

DGFT implements an Import Monitoring System for the imports of Melon Seeds. The timelines and procedures for registration are explained as follows:

  1. The importer may apply under MS-IMS online on the DGFT Website. The importer will be issued an Automatic Registration Number on submission of advance information in MS-IMS and on online payment of Rs. 500/-.
  2. The concerned Importer shall undertake MS-IMS registration within 10 days from the date of Bill of Lading (Shipped on Board).
  3. 1 Automatic Registration Number shall be valid for 1 specific country of Origin and 1 Port of Import only. Automatic Registration Number granted shall be valid for any number of import consignments.
  4. Bill of Lading (Shipped on Board) details shall be declared in the MS-IMS registration. Multiple Bills of Lading (Shipped on Board) details may be specified under a single MS-IMS registration. 
  5. All copies of Bills of Lading (Shipped on Board) should be mandatorily uploaded during the registration process. The Importer may choose to mask the Exporter details on the said Bills of Lading copies.

At the time of Import clearance, the concerned importer is required to submit the MS-IMS Automatic Registration Number details, along with a valid FSSAI Manufacturer License for Melon Seeds to the concerned Customs Port Authorities.


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